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If you could invent one appliance, what would it be? Answered

Hello Instructables!

I am volunteering at a local high school science and engineering event, and I am looking to put a list together of some Out-of-the-Box inventions for your home (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, cooking, cleaning, anything!).  I was going to present the list to these kids to see if they have any more ideas to piggy back off of them to get them to start thinking innovatively.

If you could invent any appliance for the home, what would it be?


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6 years ago

...the appliance that does your homework so you can really waste your entire vacation sleeping, watching TV, texting, and eating instead of having to stay up very, very, very late, watch the sun rise and get out just in time to catch the bus for school but instead you have to wake someone else up to get out of bed and drive...wait

Oh, ask the kids what inventions they would make to do some of their chores like clean up, mow the lawn or do the dishes.