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If you could live anywhere in California, where would it be? Answered

Pretend you could live anywhere in California. Where would you choose to go, and why? (For the purposes of this topic, pretend that your income is automatically adjusted so that you have the same standard of living.)

If you'd like, you could perhaps post a city/town, and a rural area too if you can't decide between the two. (I'm kind of curious to know what cities people think highly of that aren't San Francisco/Los Angeles/San Jose/San Diego/Sacramento…I'm from another country, and these are the only places we hear about in media!)


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Reply 1 year ago

I don't know why I assumed a university.
So Nasa's dumpster(s).


1 year ago

If you didn't have to worry about factors such as work and whatnot I would choose San Luis Obispo. I think the central coast is beautiful and its a very laid back way of life. It's a little bit warmer than San Francisco, but not quite as hot as LA can sometimes get. It is also halfway between SF and LA should you really want to go to either (for some reason).

San Francisco has its charm and is highly walkable, but it's too expensive and everyone is always blabbing on and on about technology. However, having lived there for 10 years, I have my biases. :)

I like LA for the food and art scene, but the driving can be tiring.