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If you've taken guitar lessons...? Answered

How well could you play after 2 years of lessons and practice.  Did you have any music experience before starting.  What was your musical ability or talent?  Did you sometimes feel like you were beating your head against the wall?



7 years ago

well i have had alot of lessons so i would say its really hard to play guitar. just dont give up


8 years ago

Not very
hmm... I can't really answer that one.
finally, yes.

My advise? Get some chord books. keep playing. Lessons, no lesson? feh...

Find some folks to jam with.

If you like it and aren't totally dexterally challenged (I DO have issues), it will come with time, but I would not expect to become adept in two years or even five years time. It takes a while, as there is much to absorb. The guitar is often described as the single most difficult instrument to master. I've been playing for nearly forty years and I don't consider myself one yet, but in the past ten years, something has fundamentally changed, since 95% of the time, I no longer *think about playing at all. I just do. And I don't fatigue like I used to. I an play for hours at a time without any need to stop.



8 years ago

To some people music talent just comes naturally, almost without effort -- for others it is an arduous process of overcoming a natural coordination or mental block.

For me, I did 13 years of piano lessons, and fact of the matter is you get out what you put in. Even elite level 'natural' musicians still have to strive for and practice to their desired perfection. Had I applied myself, I would be concert level amazing. I was lazy and didn't accomplish half of what I should have -- simply because I didn't practice. There were times I loved it, and times I hated it -- you have to find what works for you, and apply yourself in those areas to ensure you enjoy the learning process. If you are stuck in a rut, try something else for a while, and come back to it - don't dwell on the 'seemingly impossible' or you'll get easily discouraged. Strength, skill, and coordination come with practice -- just keep at it!

Perhaps consider also you may be taking the wrong kind of lessons - some put more emphasis on ear training, where others work on technique and reading tabs or score. Everyone's different.