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Ignition switch for an electric bike in the UK. Answered

Hi folks.
Does anyone in the UK know a dealer who could supply an ignition switch/battery lock for a Thompson Classic electric bike?
I've had a look around the interweb & ebay & cannot find a suitable replacement switch anywhere, there are plenty that would fit but none of them seem to be the correct one as they only have one "On" position the one I need has two, one is for pedal assisted & the second for fully powered.
The switch also locks the battery box onto the frame it looks similar to the larger of these two on ebay.
I have called the importers & their quote for a replacement carries an outrageous price compared to the third party ones I have seen at over eight times the price plus postage & although I expect to pay a bit more for a slightly more complex part I certainly don't expect it to be THAT MUCH more.
I'm sure there must be other bikes that use similar switches but haven't as yet been able to find a dealer who can help. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance for your help. N.G.


Nostalgic Guysteveastrouk

Answer 5 years ago

I think that may be too wide to fit into the space available but they do have a fairly good range of similar key switches so I will give them a call or email them to see if they have a suitable one, as with the suggestion from rickharris I still have the problem that without the locking pin the battery box would not be secured to the frame but I'm fairly sure I can get around that with a pin lock from another supplier if need be.


5 years ago

It's not the same but you should be able to make it fit


Nostalgic Guyrickharris

Answer 5 years ago

Good idea but unfortunately they only have a single "on" position so I would have to choose between full power or pedal assisted, also without the locking pin the battery box wouldn't be secured to the bike, I'll email them to see if they have a two position switch that I can use & find a suitable locking system elsewhere.