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Ignition switch for an electric bike in the UK. Answered

Hi folks.

Does anyone in the UK know a dealer who could supply an ignition switch/battery lock for a Thompson Classic electric bike?
I've had a look around the interweb & ebay & cannot find a suitable replacement switch anywhere, there are plenty that would fit but none of them seem to be the correct one as they only have one "On" position the one I need has two, one is for pedal assisted & the second for fully powered.
The switch also locks the battery box onto the frame it looks similar to the larger of these two on ebay.
I have called the importers & their quote for a replacement carries an outrageous price compared to the third party ones I have seen at over eight times the price plus postage & although I expect to pay a bit more for a slightly more complex part I certainly don't expect it to be THAT MUCH more.
I'm sure there must be other bikes that use similar switches but haven't as yet been able to find a dealer who can help.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance for your help.