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I'm back! Suggest on what I should build. Answered

 Well, after a long hiatus of doing Minecraft and other stuff, I am finally back. I've have been working on K'nex on and off; I just haven't been posting stuff. I've got a working drum magazine and gun that is almost done, and there are some other guns lying around as well (Don't worry Red, I've still got that Berreta ARX-160.) Anyway, I thought as a kind of comeback to building and posting on 'Ibles, I would let you guys decide on what I should build. I'll take requests on replicas also. Be sure to leave a suggestion!


I'm glad you've still got that ARX-160 bro, I've tried to make one on and off, but nothing seemed to work out. I would love if you would finish that! I am also considering a new FN Five-Seven, if you'd like to help with that, that'd be great!

Yeah, the reason I stopped that temporarily is because the magazine wasn't working well. I'll still try to finish it, though. Sure, I'd like to help with the Five-Seven; I've always thought that it's a neat pistol. Shall we do a collaboration?

Sure, that makes sense. Maybe you should just change the gun to a normal pin gun, instead of a CH operated mech. You would like to help with the FN Five-Seven? Sweet! I am currently working on a AK-12 (see my start to an AKM below), but I should have pieces for a Five-Seven.


Maybe, but the charging handle was pretty reliable. The magazine was a bit finicky, however. It was top loading and sometimes the bullets (which were really short) would slip forward in the magazine and the pin couldn't reach them. Nice AKM there. When shall we start the collab?

How much rage did you get when it did work? I mean, if the range is going to be pitiful in the long run (which I am told is the case with most CH operated mechs) would you want to change the gun to a simple FP/simple pin gun?

Here are some pics of my current AK-12 and FN Five-SeveN (yes, the last "N" is supposed to be capitalized). The reason why I am not starting the collab 'ible now is that if I do, it won't appear on people's "recently posted" area, as the 'ible will be situated at the date in which it was made. I hope I am making sense here...

Anywho, in regard to the FN Five-SeveN, I give you the liberty to do what you want. Make your own version, make mine and mod to your hearts desier, do what you want. =D #idowhatiwant