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I'm building a stand-alone speaker from a pair of car speakers. Do I need an extra power source? Answered

I bought a pair of car speakers from a thrift store because they were different than any I've ever seen. Where the dome should be, there was a tweeter sticking out. I already have a box I would like to put them in, but I need to know if they will be driven by the sound or if an extra power sources needs to be connected. I would like to have an option to use wires like a normal speaker or through an aux. There will be two in a box and I want to connect them. I would also like them to both use the same power source if needed.
That is the model, but one of the ends is cut off of one, and the other is nearly unusable anyways. Other than that, they are perfectly fine.



Best Answer 5 years ago

If you want to connect them to stereo or Hi-Fi you dont need extra power source, but if you're connecting them directli to mobile or PC you need amp


5 years ago

Haven't you already posted this question before? You will need to connect them to an amp and that amp will need a power source. Try finding your old thread cause their is a lot of good information waiting for you there. If you don't remember where you posted it then go to your profile and look up the questions you've posted.