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I'm creating a laptop case that is going to include a laptop moniter for better movie watching when my wife and i travel Answered

I was recently given a dead laptop from a friend.He'd tried to fix it, but he shorted the motherboard. the moniter still works and I recently purchased a HP mini and I want to be able to see better,Here's the problem taking the cable and matching it up to a USB. cable. or the hdmi port on my laptop. when drawing and watching movies. The monitor is from a HP Pavilion ZE 5300.
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Best Answer 8 years ago

Sorry to say this, but the usual answer is "forget it" - the Interface you need is a significant part of the laptop electronics themselves. You have none of the interface at the display itself.

There ARE secondary cards you can buy, but they cost significanly more than most small-ish LCD monitors.

Crazy, sad, wasteful, but the way it is I'm afraid.


8 years ago

The monitor works off the video card in the dead laptop. Start there and figure out what goes where.