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I'm curious about 'touch sensor' switches...? Answered

Basically switches with no moving parts, such as capacitor switches or a screen on a smart phone. I've seen devices that seem to have individual 'pads' rather than a whole screen being the switch (a nearby ATM, and an 1980's Radio Shack receiver come to mind). I would really love to build a few things with these very cool switches (as I become more skilled, naturally). Where can I get them? How many types are there & how do they work? How does one use them in a circuit?

I'd also like to thank you for offering this class. I'm loving it! I've had theory up the wazoo, but any projects I looked at were either too vague, too complicated for a beginner, or so ridiculously simple as to not teach me anything (like a switch with a battery and a buzzer!) A couple of your projects are actually on my 'want to make someday' list. This is exactly what I needed! Thank you!