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I’m glad I found skateboarding and found out that its actually my cup of tea. Answered

Im not sure if this post belongs here but I just wanting to talk about my experience with skating. I’m 23 and I’ve only been skating since January. I started skating because 1: I wasn’t allowed to as a kid and 2:I needed a new hobby since I was beginning to recover from depression. TweakboxAppvalleyhttps://vlc.onl/

Nothing gets my emotions out better than just skating hard and fast. I can’t do any tricks or anything (yet), but I’m getting better at bombing hills and that’s the stuff I love the most anyways. Going fast just clears my head. I’ve skated through panic attack, alcohol withdrawals, and episodes of depression. I’ve even skated through chronic pain flair ups because it helps to change the type of pain (if that makes sense lol) The feeling of ripping down a hill is better than drugs, and I say that as someone who is constantly on the border of having a substance abuse problem. I’d probbaly use substances less if could just go skate in the middle of the night.