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I'm going to build the CNC.machine, Answered

O/K.I have a spare old computer I want to use as a cnc.program control what else do I need to make the stepper motors work,or is it all just wired to the P/C.I know that sounds very nieve but that's what I need to learn,also I would wish to use a Dremmel and also a fixed router (SMALL)soldering has never been one of my strong points but I'm determined to build this thing and need all the help there is around.I know you can buy kits and the like but I live in England and all I can see is in USA.I hope this is not to boring to be answered by some kind knowledgeable chaps, thanks for looking,just of to bed now,will look in tomorrow, MAC.



11 years ago

Check out RepRap.org. If nothing else, they have many of the parts you need in tidy modular formats.