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Im going to get a booth at the local Farmers Market. Any Suggestions on what to sell? Answered

Im already going to be selling Tie Dye Shirts and other Tie dye stuff. Hemp Bracelets and a few other things. What are some other cool things that are easy to make and I could sell for a few bucks? Thanks.



9 years ago

anything else like special brownies (they go with the hippie theme)

Lithium Rain

10 years ago

Guitar picks out of interesting looking credit cards.


10 years ago

Anything that nobody else is selling that you think would work. Have a walk around. Also, it's nice to see crafts being made; so while you are waiting for people to browse and buy you could build up interest and stock by making stuff while you are there. Just keeping an eye out for shoplifters whileyou are busy. Don't be frightened to change your product offering if you find it'snot going tosell. At the end of the day any stock I have left over I give away as bundles. So if I have kiddies clothes I will wait for someone who has a look and tell them outright; "pick a few things and I'll give it to you dirt-cheap - I don't want to take it home so I'd rather give it to you - what do you want/" Then anything left over I sell to one of the hard-core stall-holders who come by every time - they will take it off your hands as it increases their stock and they know they have the time to sell it at a profit. Everybody wins!