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I'm interested in taking pictures of printed texts.My cell phone inbuilt camera of 2Mpx.How to do it with this camera? Answered

As far as I know you need at least 3Mpx camera to take such pictures of good quality. Does anybody know a trick how to do it with 2Mpx camera?




10 years ago

It is fully possible to take pictures of printed text and even have a software translate it into real editable text with a 2 MP camera, BUT - it depends largely on the make and image quality. With a noisy or bad color/ sharpness 2 MP cellphone camera the image is pretty much useless to even try to read the photographed text. To maximize readability with ANY camera, and especially with low quality ones you need LIGHT, and LOTS of it! Notice how a shadow of your arm and or your camera is cast on the paper? Take two strong lights and direct them from both sides down on the paper with the camera in the middle, that way you will have the light bouncing off the paper directly into the camera, with little or no shadows. Please note you might have to access the exposure settings, even if they are limited in your camera there usually is some kind of ajustment possible to make if the image is too bright. Better too bright and then ajusted in the cellphone/ camera settings before taking the picture than a too bright or dark image after taking the picture. Here is a "diagram"