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I'm looking for help creating a jacket that blinks to sound input (sound-triggered LED)? Answered

sound-sensitive LED lights that respond to music, sewn into clothing.

Hi there. I'm new to the boards and off to the big festival in the desert next week. Every year I make some kind of a flashing suit-- usually they are EL Wire -- which is kind of cool to dance in.

I recently took an Arduino course and I thought it would be great to make a jacket that reacted to sound.

Ideal: Had a pot to deal with volume (of club music vs. speaking) and was able to power a row of LED's down each arm and possibly down the side of the torso.

I have a board- I don't have time to program it- I'm wondering if anyone can help? I'm happy to sew it and all that stuff. Yes, time is tight , but it doesn't have to be perfect!
Let me know.

There is some budget- not much but some.  



8 years ago

I have designed my own kit earlier today ( I'm serious) it is analogue, not arduino, but it responds to music, and flashed 2 channels of el wire ( high and low). I sell the kit (el wire not included) for ~ $50. You already seem to have el wire, so this will work well. Some soldering experience is good, or for $10 I will assemble it for you. I will not disclose ANY information beyond this, as I have designe this myself, and would like to make some profit after endless hours in my basement. For more info, just post if you are interested below.


8 years ago

Standard suggestion: Websearch "LED color organ".