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I'm lost at the development stave? Answered

2: 1st query: I was come up w/ideas, but even if I know how the item should look, how on earth do I get a shape of something I form to be produced by a 3D printer? My ignorance leads me to believe a 3D printer needs mathematical specs of a design which I think is virtually impossible of a random thing, say a piece of bark from an oak tree. So how does a 3D printer do it?
2nd query Copy right and patenting: Who has legal ownership of all the material, ideas, concepts and even prototypes. I would be rich if I knew how to develop my ideas, but I surely am not going to share them. 1 proposal however, hire me at minimum wage, I'll donate my entire check each payday to you or your org., invent the ideas you like and after all costs, I INSIST!!! on 50% of the profit. Not 2-3 or 5%, 50% or no go. I can come up with a new invention every hour if I want to. Viable ones however are rarer yet k already have some. Many over the years have been invented after me because they knew how. Some are in theoretical stages; like will it work, or is this design more efficient. I have inventions sealed that I mailed 2 myself years ago. With a hotwire cutter I proved how the pyramids were built, but no-one will listen & after all, I'm just changing history, I don't know if there can be a way to derive income from that. If u got the means, the $ and the compassion to help me out and if you don't mind getting richer this way, I'm ready at the "drop of a dime".