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I'm making a lamp... Answered

Hello Instructables community!

I'd like to make a desk lamp, and I'd like to plug it into a wall. Now here is my dilemma I have, the lamp would have 9 main lights inside glass globes and I'd like to have small little lights (like LEDs) around the outside like little points of light.

Now in my experience LEDs aren't typically plugged into the 120V wall socket. I have a friend who's good with electronics who has tossed around LEDs, fiber optics, etc and it's all just mind boggling to me. He's even suggested using some kind of controller to make the small lights twinkle and I have no experience with that kind of thing. I'd appreciate if I could get some input as in what options I have for lighting this lamp. Right now it sounds like a valid idea is to use "super bright" LEDs for the 9 big lights and just regular LEDs for the multiple points of light around it. 

I can provide as much additional details as needed.

Thank you for any input.


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6 years ago

Use regular light sockets for the main bulbs. If you want to use LED bulbs then go for it. For the individual LEDs you can use any kind you like. At the vary least you'll need a transformer to bring the mains voltage down to a reasonable voltage like 12VAC. Yes LEDs can run on AC voltages. Use an online LED calc to figure out the best wiring for the LEDs and what resistors you'll need for them. The easiest thing to do is go out and get a set of LED Christmas lights and work them into your design.