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I'm new and looking for projects and ideas Answered

Hi Just came acrosss the site todays looks great I am sure I will spend many hours (too many?) on the site reading the postings and adding some of my own. I am very inetersted in renewable energy and spreading the use to help reduce climate change. I run three websites in my spare time wher I make a very small amount of money and hopefully spread information and ultimately help in the battle against climate change. I would be inetersted in feedback on my sites. I wiould be happy also to post up some projects in ebook format for members. I am also looking for projects to add to my sites - could I buy these from people? Hope I haven't offenbded anyone with this post or broken any rules? Warm regards richard www.energybook.co.uk - information site with free information and downloads www.OneToRemember.co.uk - book and ebook shop with some free ebooks www.wxtrade.com - free to use auction and classified site - like ebay but free


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