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Im new to the LED Flashlight building. Im wondering if a Capastior would be of any use. Could anyone Help? Answered

my circuit consists of 12 140,000 mcd Green LED's and 2 9v piggy backed to make 18v. my resistors are calculated to 180ohm. im wiring 3 strings of 4 LED's in series.



7 years ago

If you consider the water analogy to electricity,
  • Water flow in a pipe is like current flow in an electric wire
  • Water pressure is like voltage
  • A Resistor is a narrowing in a water pipe
  • A Capacitor is like a water tank between two pipes
If the pressure is unsteady a capacitor can help it become more steady or
provide a very short time powering the leds when the battery dies.


7 years ago

You don't really need any capacitors. Your load only consists of LEDs which will be drawing a DC current from your batteries. Caps would be necessary if you needed to filter your power supply for some reason.


Answer 7 years ago

Some LED torches use super-capacitors instead of batteries.