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Im not even familiar with electronics but I would like to reuse this Bass AMP HB-20B Answered

Hello, I have recived an Bass amp from a friend , obviously since the TDA2030A chip went wrong, his friend built new one amp and gave me his amp.

The chip is the one mentioned is up typed, still works fine, now What Im trying to do is make stereo, since the Bass amp is mono,


This is the site , I only need to make bottom circuit, but the issue is that this one is prebuilt by manufacturer and has volume knobs, Low, Mid1/2, and high equalization, has input 1,2.

I mean this https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_hb_20b.htm

(note about this link, its not that correct one)

It sounds good for my usage, but since I wanna add another chip of it and make it stereo I need help, since Im complete idiot, and I wanna keep the Equalization.

Here are few pics.


I hope you understand me.

Thank you!



1 year ago

Yeah, seems pretty complicated.. The components for one channel are in there, just jack is missing one pin. I have extra TDA2030 on hand, thats why i was asking.
Buying isnt an option, making it is.
Well if it was easiest to buy I wouldnt ask here then...

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

I think if you want to make this thing into a stereo amplifier, the easiest way to do that would be buy another one just like it, and use one of them for the left channel, and the other for the right channel.

Also it will help if these two boxes have a few meters of space between them. That way the left channel signal will sound like it is coming from the left side, and the right channel signal will sound like it is coming from the right side.

I guess I am not quite picturing how to, "make it stereo", just by adding another amplifier chip. You know, like, where is the output from that chip going to go to, if there is only one speaker? Also how are you going to equalize both channels at once, if all you have is a one channel equalizer?


1 year ago

If you need more pictures, component list, etc. Feel free to ask, and also I appriciate your help!