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I'm not sure which one I should make a model out of...? Answered

The Plasma Pistol or the Plasma rifle from Halo?
I've only played Halo (3) once, so I don't remember which one was better, or which one would be easier to make, etc.

I don't even know if these things have clips, or if they're like star wars blasters that appear to just harness laser energy and blast it, or whatever.

So, a bit of info about these guns would be appreciated. Physical info, not info like "'this one shoots rapid"',
but info like
"'this ones got a clip hidden in the handle"'


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Neither have clips, and the pistol's pretty weak, so I'd go for the rifle.  The rifle would be a bit more complex, but only marginally so.  For what it looks like, try Google images.  Are you talking about a physical model or a 3D model?  If you're talking 3D, you could probably extract the model from the game and modify it to look better (i.e. higher poly count, etc).


Answer 11 years ago

I was looking at physical models, and well, i already made the plasma pistol because i thought it looked neat and easier to make >.>
 It's not 100% done, still need to paint it, but it's coming along, don't know if I'll ever finish it actually.