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I'm seeking ideas for building a prop exploding dynamite stick Answered

Hi all,

I'm building a prop dynamite stick that will "explode" onstage. It will be standing upright on a crate (so I can hide mechanisms in the crate) and will suddenly explode. I have a pyrotech license and can use gerbs to make a small fiery explosion but I'd like to SAFELY make the stick of dynamite explode into several pieces (foam???) without any risk of hurting anyone in the audience (this is because an actor will find and collect the pieces of dynamite later in the play).

I'm seeking thoughts on how you guys might approach a build like this.




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8 years ago

Instead of explosives , why not use compressed air and maybe balloons ?
You could encase the balloon in a weak foam or paper tube to make it look like
dynamite. Solenoid valve would fill the balloon with air until it bursts.
Maybe fill the balloon with a bit of baby powder to simulate smoke after
the balloon burst. And also maybe synchronize a bright flash of light
from a camera flash bulb . The light would flash up from the hole
where the dynamite stick was standing over.
You could also maybe sync a sound recording of a real explosion
to your prop to make it more realistic.


8 years ago

I assume there will be people around - I would make the stick from paper the explosion you appear to be able to handle.