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I'm trying to create a stock of general electrical components, but I don't want to go overboard. What do you suggest? Answered

I'm just trying to create a general inventory for tinkering, and putting easy ideas together quick.



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11 years ago

Anything that has an electronic part that is free.  Never let anything like that go to the dump.

As far as stocking up on stuff, I've found that if I buy before I've go a project in mind, I can never depend on having the right thing.

But you'll need

various spools of wire
solder and irons
prototyping kit
resistor kit
capacitor kit
  (buying a kit of res. and caps saves loads over buying a bunch of individuals)
some common chips like amp and timer
some transistors 222 3904
led's (leave them in the pack so you know their ratings since they're not marked)

A storage system for all the stuff you got.

Some test equipment.


11 years ago

for sure, collect every led you can find. You'll NEVER have enough of the right kind. :-)

0.1" header pins are always helpful for prototyping.

A nice selection of resistors and capacitors.

All the wallwart power supplies you can get people to give you. ESPECIALLY te 5 volt guys from cellphones/bluetooths. But don't discount the utility of 9 and12 volt supplies in project development.

If you are going into electronics using IC's...
  a selection of random heatsinks help. Larger sinks from old computers can be cut down easily if needed.
  Also, as many 555 ICs as you feel comfortable buying. Seems like every other circuit ever build uses one of them.

In general :
  A good solder Iron(temp controlled)