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I'm trying to do a light system with LED's and the savonius Wind Turbine.any help? Answered

I want to do it for this winter, but i have no idea what to do...i wanna power tree LED's here. I need a switch to power on/off, a battery to store the wind power and and Anti-Over Charge barrier (i thinks that big talk for a Resistor, right?)i'm thinking of doing an instructable on it after i"m done,i will give you proper credits in it. Help, Jean-Michel Baribault



Best Answer 10 years ago

Combine the wind turbine with a store-bought charge controller, DC-AC inverter, timer, and LED lights. The learning curve is too steep on this particular project to tackle it without any electronics experience.


10 years ago

You could probably blend several existing projects into one. Use the search box (top right of any page) and look for wind turbines, generators etc.