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I'm trying to make seeded paper and it is VERY thick, even after it dries. Any suggestions? Answered

I am making sheets of seeded paper to then cut apart into cards or background for cards. My current creations are almost 2-mm thick and aren't exactly what I would say is plyable. I have tried cardboard pulp. I have tried card stock pulp (b/c that is what I have extra waste from). If I used normal paper would it work better? Would adding bleach tot he pulp kill the flowers? Obviously, I could test, but I'm trying not to reinvent a perverbial recycled wheel



9 years ago

My seeded paper also ended up really thick when I tried to make it, and I used very thin coloured paper. Next time I do it I'm going to try using a rolling pin to really smooth the paper out and hope that does a better job. I'm afraid that's all I can really think of though


10 years ago

Have you tried toilet paper ? Bleached paper will kill. I'm sorry I don't know much about making paper