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I'm wondering if anyone has an idea of how to do this or a better idea.? Answered

I want to turn my Motorola Xoom in to a universal remote. My initial idea was to take a few Arduinos and turn them into IR/RF blasters that are connected to the home network either by WiFi/Ethernet. Each of these blasters would be considered zones. Then I'd have to build an android app which would send network packets to the appropriate blasters.

Does anyone have any good better ideas? Or even a good place to start?

Of course the blasters would either need to be programmable or contain a database of settings. 


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9 years ago

"If it happens, it must be possible."

There are home entertainment systems which combine "universal remote" capability with programmability and remote control and (sometimes) computer interfaces. Home automation companies like SmartHome might be a good place to look for these off-the-shelf implementations.

When I was looking into this, a few years ago, there were also some hobbyist websites specifically aimed at building this kind of system, either by cannibalizing an existing universal remote or by building a record/playback mechanism from scratch. If you can't track those down, I can try to find my notes. I was thinking about just using the PC I already have hooked to the stereo system as a "jukebox" machine to also send the IR commands, since it's already on the network... but an arduino-based system would work too.

If you get it working, please do post your design -- I may want to swipe it.