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Image library pulling up differnent users images. Answered

Hello,  I am writing an ible currently on my windows 7 laptop.  I am using Firefox browser, i do not know what version, but i do believe it is the current one.

I have loaded all the images i plan to use for the ible into my image library.  There are a lot loaded for just this ible, over 150.  While working it usually will pull the correct image library, mine.  But after a while it will load someone else's library.  Every time it does this it comes up with a different user's library.  Sorry i do not have a photo of it happening. 

This is URL the last time it occurred https://www.instructables.com/editInstructable/edit/ETXW6TDIE08O7LZ/step/10


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5 years ago

hello from HQ!

few questions regarding your issue to help further assist in debugging this issue:

1. does the alternate user image library show up on the step image library (images to be shown in this step) or in the "add images from library" section of the uploader when you select "image library" from the upload new images modal of the editor?

2. when you refer to "while working" are you describing a length of time being within the editor and editing this instructable? if so, approximately how long were you editing this instructable for?

3. have you seen this issue in any other instructables? or only the one that is linked in your topic: ETXW6TDIE08O7LZ