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Image resolution on instructable step Answered

hello everyone.

I've had an instructable that has been up for a long time with electrical drawings detailing a wiring modification. I get comments from time to time asking for better images of the drawings and I end up emailing them to the person. I tried to upload the images again and they still have reduced resolution when I look at them in the instructable. Is there a way to ensure the images are not compressed when added to the -ible?

BTW, the originals are about 400kb - 500kb.

Thank you!



1 year ago

Hi mofoya,

Your pictures are still available in full resolution (I think), your Chronograph schematic clocks in at 1024 x 773 px, but I don't know if that's the resolution you uploaded of course.
If so, just right click and open the picture in a new window and Bob's your uncle.

The images, as seen on a page, are reduced if needed, but drag them into a paintbox of sorts and the resolution is still what you posted.

Right click -> Open in new window is the best advice you can give to your readers :)



1 year ago

They used to take 1050Kb