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Image upload not working Answered

Is something wrong with the image upload?  I've tried both Firefox and Internet Explorer; it lets me select the images I want to post, but then when I click "Upload Files," nothing happens.  No errors, no warnings, no progress bar, and obviously no image uploads, just sits there.

OS: Windows 7
Browser: Firefox
Browser: Internet Explorer
Java: 6.0.310 (Java 6 build 31)
Flash: 11.5.502.146


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7 years ago

I was trying to upload some photos and it was not working and then i realized that is was because i was trying to upload xcf image file. Hope this helps.


8 years ago

First, make sure that you have no script blocking add-ons for your browser (like Ad-Block or GreaseMonkey). Then make sure that your picture files aren't too large (less than 4 megs is ideal).

Where are you uploading, from the Image Library on your You Page or directly into a project? I suggest the Image Library first, then just add them to a project once they are uploaded.