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Immersion Circulator for making sous vide food. Answered

I would like to build an Immersion Circulator for making sous vide food. Here is an example of what I am trying to copy: http://anovaculinary.com/products/anova-precision-cooker-pro

It is basically just a precision water heater that has a built in water pump that moves the water around in a pot. It can heat water to a very specific temperature, and then hold it there. I don't care about built in timers, or fancy displays. I can set my own timer. I just feel like I there is a DIY way to make one of these that doesn't cost $200-$500.

Unfortunately I know very little about things like submerged water heaters, higher temp water pumps, and temperature sensors. And by "very little," I mean, I know nothing.



4 years ago

Here's a couple good ones:



Youve got to build the controller box thing, then for example you plug the probe end into a water filled crock pot or big pot of water on an electric burner. If instead of a regular outlet you put in a stove outlet you could just use your regular stove burners as the heat source and the controller would turn the whole stove on and off to maintain the temperature. Then you'd just need a water pump.


4 years ago


https://www.instructables.com/howto/sous+vide/ Take your pick. Since many of them are based on a microcontroller like an arduino, it might be better and easier to hook up a servo/motor to paddle or stir the pot instead of a pump to circulate the water. Good luck.