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Improve your jet boil ! ! or bushbuddy ! !, or any wood gas burner ! ! -- Looking for Carbon Fiber Felt 4 2nd prototype Answered

- searching for carbon Fiver felt to use as a blanket/insulation around top half of the burner units of JetBoils, Bushbuddies, or any wood gas burner- D.I.Y. or otherwise. Use of carbon fiber felt at burner will greatly reduce heat loss to the environment, providing more heat to the pot or billy can being heated.
Here, space must be allowed for additional air entraining to provide combustion air for complete burning of gases--proper shape of openings below burner top plate will allow for a soft shelled wind screen which will morph into a chimney-like structure surrounding pot or can which sits unmodified on top of Jet Boil, Bushbuddy, wood gas burner or hobo stove
Note that a close fit to within as close as 1/4 will increase speed of gases/heat past pot scrubbing off heat to the pot being heated, possibly creating need to raise the height of the chimney

I am using this site in hopes of some one who can find me Carbon Fiber "FELT", I am also open to any conversation on this concept / design.


big al 1048

10 years ago

Steveastrouk : Keep watching this space for updates, i am the last person to hold myself out as an expert, but researching this topic will probably make me one. Carbon fiber and carbon fiber felt have been created at very high temps, this has made them very stable, like graphite . CC felt is also a very poor conductor of heat, at a very low weight. again as i learn more i'll share. Points to HONUS for best answer !! Big al

steveastroukbig al 1048

Answer 9 years ago

CF BURNS above about 600 C in air. I know, I use it all the time. Its a stunning insulator at very very high temperatures, but not with Oxygen


10 years ago

What you want is ceramic fiber refractory paper, 1/8" or 1/4" depending on the specifics of your stove.  Bond it to degreased metal using silicone RTV.  If exposed, the ceramic fiber will eventually get torn up, but if it is placed in protected locations or wrapped with tape, it will last for a long time.

One other thing.  The first time you heat it, do so with ventilation.  There's a sugar binder that will burn off that will turn the paper light brown and create some smoke.  The fiber will also slightly stiffen.


10 years ago

Why carbon fibre and not just rock wool . Carbon fibre burns easily.