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Improvised sensors-crowd interaction with fabric switches which projected images responds to - best way to do this ? Any ideas?????Please - desperate... Answered

Please help, I am desperate to find out as much info from basic to advanced, of anything that will allow me to project a moving image and have square fabric patches approx 5 x 5 inches, 7 x 7 cm. sqaure. and on the pressing of these switches, I have found the great pages on switches in fabric tech here - exc.. but still desperately need - as in yesterday - to locate a plan or instructable for the building of a responsive projection, a projection displayed on a community hall which allows the audience to interact with elements of the image. Please help. Many thanks. ... Dappar Dan 


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10 years ago

What do you want to project on your "video wall"?

Is it a multi-layer projection where you control different objects that move independently over each other, do you want something like an oscilliscope trace that varies by controlling parameters, do you want to display some color or object light show like the music player/screensaver displays, do you want to play a video game like tetris or pong?

What equipment do you have, a single projection controlled by one computer, multiple displays to drive from a single computer, networked multiple laptops used as multiple displays...

Are the controls fabric switches remote hardwired or need to be placed randomly in the audience. Will they all be sewn on a single costume or article of clothing.  Will they be dance floor footpads?

How much $$$ can you spend in developing this?

Good luck.