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In Need of Help With a LED Project!!! Answered

Greetings to all you budding mad scientists out there. I am an Student Artist who specializes in more 3D art forms, especially Jewelry/Fine Metalwork and Ceramics. Currently my interests are moving more toward the imagery found in the Steampunk style. This beautiful combination of Brass, wood, glass and leather in classic Victorian style is just speaking to my core being. So new designs are currently spewing forth from this place deep inside me, crying out for me to breath life into them. But my muse, sadly (or maybe not :)) is pushing me beyond my current skills. I have yet to incorperate light and electricity into my work, but to this current genera it is a natural marriage. So I am in need of assistance. An online Igor to my Frankenstein of Jewelry. I am needing to incorporate some LED lights (5-7) into my new piece to hopefully give it an almost otherworldly glow. But I have never done this before. Aside from LEDs I do not know what else I will need. Transistors, circuit boards, kinds of batteries ext of whatever else. So if anyone out there possesses the knowledge I am seeking I would appreciate any enlightenment you send my way. Thanks in advance - Draco Rincewind



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