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In Spain, looking for clear teflon tube for a lightpipe. Answered

I guess this question has two parts.

I'm prototyping a solar energy device, part of which is a light pipe to transport the collected solar energy, about 300 - 2500 nM.

I'm planning on making this from a flexible tube filled with a highly refractive liquid, stoppered at each end with clear plugs.

It looks like the materials I should be using are:

Tube: Teflon (PTFE, FEP, AF 1600, AF 2400) in that order of desireablitity, lowest to highest. The AF 2400 has a refractive index of 1.29, which is the lowest of any polymer. Apparently.

Core: Mineral oil / liquid paraffin.

Plugs: Acrylic or normal glass.


Also, where would you suggest I try to find these? (I have the mineral oil already) Keeping in mind that I'm in Madrid, Spain.

Getting this to work would make a huge difference to solar microgeneration, as transporting the energy is currently a bit of a nightmare.

Thanks heaps,



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10 years ago

I didn't know you could get transparent Teflon tubing; I've only ever seen it white!
My favorite resource for hardware is McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply.  They're in the U.S.; I don't know if Continental Europe has something equivalent.