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In documents and Setting the Default User and my name both have these locks on them how do I take the lock off Answered

some thing about security permission


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11 years ago

Either one of two things are happening. Your log-in may not have administrative permissions (which you shouldn't really log into admin accounts for normal computer usage anyway) or you don't have ownership of the folder. The default administrator account in Windows is the only account that, by default, has ownership of this folder (even if your account was created as an administrator); this is due to the fact that there are files in "Documents and Settings" that are fairly sensitive, and by changing or deleting the wrong ones you may destabilize the OS and/or installed programs. Also, as all the files and settings for each account is stored in this folder, it prevents prying eyes (yours or others, including remote intruders) from accessing or changing these sensitive files. To gain ownership, you must be logged in as an administrator. In Explorer, go to Tools>Folder Options and then click on the "View" tab. Scroll to the very bottom and deselect "Use simple file sharing (recommended)". Apply the change, then click "OK". Next, go to the folder in question and right-click it, then click "Properties". In the "Security" tab, click "Advanced", then go to the "Owner" tab. In the field titled "Current owner of this item:" type in your log-in name. Deselect the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects", then apply the change and click "OK" on both dialogs. You now have ownership of the folder and can freely access it. Remember to use this same process to undo the ownership after you're finished, as your account should not have access to the folder. Leaving these permissions enabled will allow spyware that is active on your log-in to access and change this folder, resulting in a possible reformat (not to mention that you may be caught by a tech-savvy person if you're snooping).