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In need if some direction for GPS tracker and app builder Answered

I am looking for someone to give me a little bit of direction or reference as to where and or how I can find someone who can create a GPS tracker or tell me how to buy them in bulk.....
Also I am looking for someone who can design or create an APP for smartphones. 


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6 years ago

You get the in all sizes and shapes these days, including the programs for Android, PC and Apple.

Just search Ebay for "pet gps tracker" or just "GPS tracker".

Most can be activated through a remote command if a SIM card is in the device and there is phone reception.

You also get so called "logging trackers" that every few minutes record the current position. They send their data on request or when you read thm out remotely.
Last but not least you can get active trackers that constantly upload the position for tracking on a map.