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In need of some IKEA Akurum suspension rail. There’s got to be some out there! Answered

We bought an IKEA AKURUM kitchen shortly before it was discontinued. 9I was never told it was going to be discontinued of course). Because of some health issues we are just starting to install it now and I cannot get any of the parts from IKEA . They did not sell us enough suspension rail and we need some more. Bueller? Bueller?




16 days ago

I have extra rail sections. I need the small square pieces that slide in these rails, that hold the cabinet bolts. I need 4. Might you have any extras of these?

Jack A Lopez

7 weeks ago

Have you tried looking for this, "ikea akurum suspension rail" on eBay?

By the way, did you notice that "akurum" is "muruka" spelled backwards?

I think that might have been Bueller's home country, Muruka.

I might be spelling it wrong.


7 weeks ago

Maybe you can find something at a hardware store that you can adapt to make it work.