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In reference to my first question......? Answered

re:  I put my net-book (Toshiba nb250) in my backpack, 4 beers, and took off. I soon there after crashed. Got up, rolled on, and then my back got wet..... I busted 2 beers! So, there was not much I could do and Shcktop is high in sugar. Can I salvage this and what may my chances be?

So, it sounds like it works BUT the screen is shot.  I can see "water marks" on the edges of the screen.  Can I replace it, where do I get it, and is it worth it? 

A solid THANKS.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Screens are pretty easy to replace. The two best places I have found are eBay and this company: https://www.screencountry.com/index.php?section=Home

Many screens are made in china now and the have gotten wise to the replacement game. They make the screens and then sell them to somebody like Dell who then doubles or triples the price and sells them as "genuine" replacements. So the Chinese manufacturese have gotten wise and sell replacement screens for a lot less on eBay. You get the same screen, they get a better profit selling direct and the ones comming up short are the american companies that are trying to gouge everyone.
Weather or not its worth replacing depends on what you think its worth.


9 years ago

I'm from spain but i purchase often screens for nb-250 at screencountry, normally 4-5 days until it arrives to Spain.

Open your screen first, to screws down rear rubber caps, and then use light pressure from inside to out screen lid...

disassemble screen with 4 screws. see at rear screen part, and go to web to ask for.