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In regards to Slime, what do you think about this idea? Answered

  I have been using Slime for almost 2 years.  This will be my first Arizona summer using the stuff.  Last summer I was in the humid southern states cycling with no problems until I returned to Phoenix.  When my tube could hold no air at all, I replaced it.  Later, I needed the rubber and cut it open to find that the Slime turned to dust.
  Now, it is getting warm again and I started to have a slow leak.  I simply added more slime and the problem was solved.  After the fact, I came up with this idea:

Since Slime is water soluble and it keeps drying out,  can I just add water to it?

It is likely that I will try this out soon enough but I was curious to any input.


Nate Cougill

Best Answer 9 years ago

Look into really nice commuter tires like the Schwalbe Marathon, or Marathon Plus. Lots or people report several hundred to several thousand miles without a flat. If you want to test the slime, lay a sheet of glass in the sun with a layer of slime on it. When it dries, scrape it with a razor blade and try to reconstitute the powder. If it clumps, call the myth busted ;)


9 years ago

.  The factory says no. For more info, see the Slime web site.


Answer 9 years ago

I could not find it. Also, of course they would say no!