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In search of an electronics/circuitry mentor. Answered

I am in search of a skilled and knowledgeable person to mentor me through building an incubator. I currently have about 13 eggs that are in various stages of embryonic development and need help building the appropriate incubator. I have a design and more electronic and circuitry components than you can shake a stick at. I have always tinkered and done investigative teardowns on multiple pieces of equipment. I want to eventually build a large, floor based, multi media 3D printer. ( I have been working on a printer that I salvaged.) My interest is more than curiosity, but, I have no starting point to learn in forward gear. I hope to find a person willing to assist my goal accomplishment and guide me through the process. I have more than I need to do the build, I am willing to discuss a trade of components or whatever comes upon need of the interested  mentor. Please contact me as soon as possible as I have lost a lot of sleep, turning the heating pad on every hour to maintain the temperature for the incubation, and am ready to give the eggs to someone else to raise. I prefer not to do that though.  You can reach me via G+ under Kathleen Copeland or through this forum. I will eventually provide pictures and a private contact once a mentor is established.      Thank you.                         


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