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Increase Blog Loyalty? Answered

I just created a free online magazine called Meta Haven Magazine http://metahavenmagazine.com and my intention is to create a community of viewers/readers in which everyone is actively contributing additional magazine content, items, reviews, etc. that is undoubtedly being missed by myself but most importantly being missed by the audience. In return as an incentive if the submitted material is voted upon by the community as being good enough to add to the magazine then in return that person will get the chance to have a free post to promote themselves, their blog or whatever of their choosing. I've noticed since I've launched the contest bounce rates have gone up. Would you change the value of the contest or the contest itself? Thanks – Meta Haven Magazine.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Bounces have a couple components:
  • A person thinks your page will provide something
  • Your page apparently does not provide it

Rewards are a tricky subject, and you are right to look for hard data rather than the latest psychological or advertising theory...

However, have you considered that the problem is not what you deliver, but what you promise? If you advertise "free computers!" you will certainly get a lot of hits. But many of those people will leave disappointed when they realize the actual cost is (a still very cheap) $100.

Not only should you try to give your audience what it wants, but you should try to aim for as specific an audience as you can. Make sure your website's description in search engines will discourage most people, leaving only the ones who are truly interested in what your magazine has to say. You have a whole Internet full of audience members to pick from; you can afford to be choosy.