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Indianapolis 2015!!! Answered

What's up K'nexers? It's Nerfrock', your local K'nexer-turned-temporary-lurker here to let you know that anyone interested is invited to a little party I'm having later this summer! Indianerfolis 2015 is basically the foam dart version of K'nex War 201#, and will include many military simulation and dart tagging games intended to provide lots of active fun!

If you don't have any Nerf guns, K'nex guns are also welcome, as long as they don't have the ability to hurt someone.

So far, Nerfrocketeer, JonnyBGood, a few NerfHaven members, a few of Nerfrock's friends, and possibly a few extra tagalongs will be there!

More information can be found below:


Date: Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Time: 1:00 PM to around 4:00 PM.

Location: Southeastway Regional Park, 5624 S Caroll Road. Park Info|Park Location


This will be a general combat, capture-the-flag style war with two teams that will take place across a medium-sized field. We will play other games later in the day if everyone wishes.


Anyone older than 14 years old who has a Nerf blaster that complies with the below rules and regulations is welcome to come.

  • Nerf weapons, ammo, and equipment (complying with rules).
  • Light/Tactical Clothing
  • Lunch
  • Anything you may need in an emergency. This may include special medication, money, a cell phone, and so on.
  • Eye protection, closed-toed shoes, and a ride are mandatory.
  • Friends!

  • Modified Titans, Big Bad Bows, and other over-powered blasters that have the ability to cause serious injury are not allowed. Homemades and modded guns are welcome, as long as they follow these rules.
  • Modified Nerf Ammo with sharp edges, points, or explosives, besides straight foam and hot glue stefans and slugs with washers, are absolutely not allowed.
  • Blasters that look too realistic are not allowed.
  • No mind-altering substances of any kind.
  • Eye protection, closed-toed shoes, and a ride are mandatory.
  • No homemade swords or shields.
  • Five tags with a dart is out for the current round. Hit in the arms, blaster, or face doesn't count. Nerfrock' is a referee.
  • Nerfrocketeer reserves the right to eject anyone from the war.
  • No bad attitudes, vandalism, or other illegal/ socially unacceptable behavior.
  • You can bring your dog, as long as it's friendly to strangers.
  • No real weapons.
  • You can trade/sell if you wish, but all responsibility for trading falls to you and the person you are trading or selling with.

NOTE: This topic is in the K'nex section because this war is open to K'nex guns as well as Nerf guns, and a few K'nexers are going.



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