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Individual volume on computers Answered

I was wondering. Is it possible, with or without hardware so I can browse the internet without volume, for listen to music at the same times on Itunes, and hear it. Basically, is it possible to not here sounds on the internet without turning my whole computer volume off?
Google was no help.


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Doctor What
Doctor What

11 years ago

Found it here:  http://contests.about.com/od/technicalassistance/ht/turnoffsounds.htm

Strange, I never really needed to do that before!  You learn something new every day.

Here's How:

  1. Open Your Control Panel

    The easiest way to open the Control Panel is to click on "Start" and then click on "Control Panel."
  2. Open the Internet Options

    Double click on "Internet Options" to open that section of the Control Panel.
  3. Select the "Advanced" Tab

    The Advanced Tab is usually on the far-right side of the Internet Options screen.
  4. Scroll Down to Multimedia

    Scroll through the options until you see the section called "Multimedia."
  5. Deselect the Play Sounds Option

    Click to un-check the option called "Play Sounds in Webpages." This will turn off all sounds in your internet browsers.
  6. Turn Sounds On Again When You're Finished Sweeping

    If you would like to resume listening to sounds on your internet browser, be sure to follow these steps again once you are done entering sweepstakes, and check the "Play Sounds in Webpages" option once again.
Rock Soldier
Rock Soldier

Reply 11 years ago

That doesn't seem to work. I noticed it said this applied to Internet Explorer. I use Firefox. Do you know anyway that I could do this on Firefox?

Doctor What
Doctor What

Reply 11 years ago

From http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2005/04/disable-sound-firefox:

How to disable sound in Firefox?

One of the more common questions I receive to my answerblog is How do you disable (background) sound in Firefox, a question I have always been tempted to answer with “By installing Opera, where you can turn embedded sound on and off whenever you feel like it”.

However, there is an answer: Adblock can block files by type. Add the following to your Adblock:

  • *.mp2*
  • *.mp3*
  • *.mid*
  • *.wma*

The answer to this was found in the LiveJournal Mozilla Community