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Indoor Garden Ideas (or Night Gardening!) Answered

Hello everyone!

First off, I love gardening, but over the past few years I've become sensitive to light.  I am now unable to go out into the sun for longer than 30 minutes without some extremely strong sunscreen, and sunscreen only prevents my skin symptoms.  So my outdoor gardening days are: 1. Over  2. Limited to 30 Minute Sessions.

I read the Ikea Aquascape Instructable, and I am currently growing some plants for my father's aquarium.  I also want to try the Garden Inside a Ball Instructable as soon as I find a ball to use.

Are there any other indoor garden ideas that I can use?

I have a pittie that loves to run around and knock things over with his tail, and a German Shepherd that we're watching while the owners continue to not claim him, and he is losing his eyesight so he tends to bump into things.

There are a lot of great mini garden ideas, but a lot of them require counter space or tables that we can't provide at the moment.

Or maybe some night gardening ideas?  Has anyone written an Instructable on gardening for people with vampirism, *cough*, polymorphous light eruption?

I would really love some creative ideas.  Maybe a sturdy indoor window box?


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Nostalgic Guy
Nostalgic Guy

10 years ago

Have you considered a greenhouse or conservatory with blinds? or perhaps a good old fashioned potting shed Where you could prepare your plants before laying them out in the garden at dusk or even after sundown?
Another possibility could be grow bags, you could plant them up in the house then set them out in beds or as I do on racking again after sundown.
If you want to prepare formal beds then you could do what the landscaping company I worked for many years ago did, prepare them in biodegradable trays then plant them out in sections, we used trays about four inches deep which were more than adequate for pretty much any bulbs we wanted to plant.
Hope this has been of help & good luck with your garden.


Reply 10 years ago

I really like the tray idea. I could prepare them all day indoors and then transfer them as the sun is about to set.