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Indoor buzzing door opener with multiple openers Answered

Hey guys,

i would really like to have an instruction on how to install and customize a buzzing door opener.

i´m kinda a lazy person and i want others to respect my privacy.
My family is constantly rushing into my room in the most...lets say awkward situations :D

I want the door to my room just to open from the inside or from the outside when pushing the open button.
On should be near my pc and one should be near my bed.
This would work perfectly if i get one of this buzzing door openers which are used to open the main door to the house.
But i dont wanna replace my hole door.
Just the metal part where the lock is.

Also it would be neat if the openers where wireless.
And the lock should work like a normal lock: I put in the key and i come in from the outside like a normal door =)

Any one brave enough to take this challenge?


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8 years ago

1. You should really get your own apartment and stop living in the basement of your parent's house, what are you, at least 40? just kidding....

Those buzzing door locks replace the catch and strikeplate that are mounted in the door jamb. It's kind of like a stopper for the doorbolt hooked up to an electromagnet that releases when you press the button. So, you would need to power that puppy and just mod it to go wireless, maybe get one of those wireless doorbell systems to replace the wired button and then use a relay to activate the catch instead of a bell. But you can't be lazy if you aren't willing to put the effort into being lazy.


Reply 8 years ago

Actually I´m 20 and yeah, i still live with my parents =)
I still go to school so i think it´s okey^^

i absolutly have no idea how to mod it to be wireless :D
i have no understanding of electronics so far but im willing to learn =)

and btw: its more that i like feelin comfy instead of being lazy :D
when im in the middle of a game or in bed i dont wanna stand up and open the door :D


Reply 8 years ago

Maybe you should go with the string and pulley method to unlatch the door.