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Indoor invisible pet fence idea - need help Answered

I need to keep a cat out of a room that has a 12 foot wide opening. I was wondering if a strand of wire or a coil of wire could be installed under the carpet across the 12 foot opening such that when the cat, wearing a collar fitted with a magnet came close, a current change would be created in the wire or coil and an alarm could be generated that would scare the cat away? Would this work and if so, would someone like to help me make it happen?




5 years ago

I have 3 cats and although trained well there is not much you can do to keep them out of a room.

Curiosity killed the cat....

There are "electric fences" available that work with a little siren on the pet's collar.

The wire emits a low RF signal and the detector in the collar is activated when it gets too close.

For sure it is posible to DIY such a device but maybe not small enough for a cat collar.