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Indoor small wood window herb boxes I need some plans. How to make them? Answered

I am trying to make some small window boxes from pine and cedar boards. I want them to be about 12" long and 4"  wide with legs if possible I was thinking of making the ends solid with the legs there but for sides I am thinking solid with design painted on or maybe rail things Help
thanks Karen



8 years ago

The dimensions you've posted will work, but make sure the boxes are deep enough to accommodate drain rock and growing medium suitable for the plants you wish to grow. 12" should be sufficient.

To construct, nail together the planter box to your desired dimensions and attach the bottom. Then, drill drain holes in the bottom and line the box with filter cloth. Add the legs you suggested, either solid legs on each end, or feet on each corner. I suggest a centre support too. The important thing is to have the box raised from the ground. Decorate.

Add a layer of crushed gravel or other drain rock in the bottom, then fill with growing medium (soil/vermiculite/fertilizer). Leave about 1.5" room at the top. Then, plant your bulbs and water.
If you plan to suspend these boxes on your window sill, make sure the sill can take the weight and strap the boxes to the window frame tight as a full (wet) box can become very heavy.

Good luck.


8 years ago

It sounds like you've got all the plans you need, just from that description.