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Induction Motor Help? Answered

Hi guys
i have come across an induction motor out of a treadmill. it states on the lable that its single phase induction, 240 volt, 4 poles 3/4 hp. 1.7 amp 1420 rpm.
question 1- is there any safe way to see if it works
question 2 - can it be used for a small wind generator to charge 12volt batteries to light a shed
question 3 - is best put in the trash where it came from

any assistance advice would be appreciated


Toby Robb

6 years ago

Measure the resistance between the wires of the windings first to confirm they all make sense. If u can use a megger or similar 500 volt insulation resistance tester between the windings and from the windings to the case. None of the phases should be under a megohm to the case. This should at least keep you safe.


6 years ago

1.) That's a fancy motor for treadmill.
2.) What wires has it got coming out ?

Induction motors CAN be used as generators, but its tricky, and they tend to only do it in certain critical speeds.