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Induction heater 2.0 Answered

Some might have already tried my first induction heater, which was more a proof of concept than a modern device.
Although I like to keep things simple where possible I want to upgrade my heater to a fully electronic version running on mains power.
This time the base concept is to use a cheap induction cooktop for the control and power source.
After using a few already as a communication device I realised it is a costly way of producing smoke signs but I am getting on the right track with the design now.
So my obvious questions are:

1. Did actually anyone ever built my current induction heater and if so, can you provide some nice pics?
2. If you were interested in a hobby induction heater, what would like to do with it?
    E.g: Just for curiosity on how it works, heat treatment of punches, chisels and similar,
    heat treating knifes or even swords, sheet metal work....
3. What would like to have included?
    E.g: Water cooling for continous use, air cooling (mostly for smaller and quick jobs), exchangable coils,
    additional micro controller for temp, water and remote control (foot panel or similar)...
4. Do you require a fully shielded version to avoid interference?
5. If you are based in AU (preferable VIC): Would you be able to donate me faulty (partially or fully) or working induction cooktops,
    for example discarded units with broken glass tops?
    Would you able to donate me copper tubing OD8mm or less? Leftovers from pluming installations, old LPS systems or similar?
    Prefered lenght 1m or longer as the coils need quite a few turns... :(
    Each donor will of course be listed in the Instructable unless you prefer to remain unnamed.

Let me know what you think because this time I am not just building for myself, this time it is for you!


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4 years ago

I am trying to source some ceramic insulators similar to those used in HV applications.
They need to have a hole through the center of approx 4cm in diameter but I am having a hard time finding any.
Is there a special name for them?
All I could find is massive in size, like 50c long and over 15cm in diameter.
Just need it to make sure no heatfrom the workpiece damages the coil and no HV can get into contact with the operator.
Would like to prevent making a custom one...


4 years ago

I'm interested in the topic, but don't have much tinkertime right now.


Reply 4 years ago

Well, it will be quite some time for a prototype that works they way I want it to and still is electrically safe for the operator at all times.
So do go ahead and leave your notes and requirements to give me some more ideas on the way ;)


4 years ago

Seems noone is really that interested in the topic LOL