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Inductive power transmission for electrograf Answered

Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm a great fan of both the Electrograf and magnetic fridge lights instructables.Anybody have any idea as to the feasibility of building something similar, but where power was supplied inductively?Something like a large flat coil embedded just below the surface to which the leds are applied, and an AC current driving it? The leds would need careful preparation a la "magnetic fridge lights", but with a more substancial coil.

I'm asking as I have no idea how large a voltage/current would be needed in practice in the primary coil to drive the 25mA or so at ~4V for the blue/white leds with what would probably be woeful power transmission.

What would be nice is that the coil could be hidden and there be no wear-and-tear on a grid(which can't be varnished etc because it needs to stay electrically conductive).Also placement/orientation of leds could be arbitrary (subject to design of coil).


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