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Industrial sewing machine table replacement top Answered

Has anyone on here ever replaced the top on an industrial sewing machine table? I'm looking for ideas for a sturdy top that supports a heavy machine as well as a heavy electric motor. Mine has sagged to a point where the belt is rubbing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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1 year ago

Go to a kitchen or cabinet maker and ask for a leftover piece of benchtop material.
Sometimes you get cheap specials in your local hardware or timber store as well.
If you are otherwise with the table you have and only want to fix the sagging:
Assuming the material is sturdy, simply get some angle iron and good sized screws.
Starting from the center of the bar it should be quite easy to pull the table straight.
Give the screws some good pressure, wait a day, add some more pressure, or if it pulls really good just keep going until the table is straight again.